Why choose a childminder


Why choose a Childminder

Registered Childminders play an important role in giving parents a greater choice of quality childcare. They offer flexible home-based childcare in a family environment.

Some of the great benefits you will get from choosing a Childminder to care for your children include:

Greater Flexibility

• Childminders are able to work around your individual requirements.
• Hours can be far more flexible, especially valuable when parents work part-time or unusual hours
• Childminders have the flexibility to go out with the children and not stay in the same place all day every day.
• Childminders can offer greater flexibility around meal times, sleep times and planned activities.

One to One Care

• Small numbers of children with a Childminder means each child can receive the individual care and attention that they need
• Children thrive in small groups.
• Childminders usually have no more than two or three children at any time.

Continuity of Care

• Parents will have peace of mind knowing that both they and their child will be forming a relationship with just one carer.
• Childminders can be a continued form of childcare even when your child starts nursery and/or school.
• Brothers and Sisters of all ages can be looked after together. Childminders can look after children from babies to teenagers offering an unrivaled continuity of care.

Confidence in the level of service provided

• Childminders are inspected regularly to ensure they meet or exceed The National Standard.
• Childminders are required to have Public Liability Insurance.
• Childminders and family members aged 16+ will either be PVG  Scheme members (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) or will have Enhanced Disclosures.

Second2mum Childcare

Here at second2mum, we provide every child in our care a safe, happy, caring and secure environment which has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where parents can be confident their child is happy, healthy and stimulated.

Children are involved in a variety of daily activities, suited to their age and stage of development including indoor activities, outside activities and outings.